Pica Big Ink Smart-Use Markers 170/**

PicaSKU: PICA-170/40

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Pica Big Ink Smart-Use Markers create highly visible marking with high accuracy on any dry or glossy surface, even in recesses and holes. The special soft but stable tip provides a unique user experience, and the stainless steel sleeve keeps fingers free of ink.

The Big Ink marker has an extra-large ink reserve for extended use. Should the writing deep dry out, it can be removed and reversed to continue using. Note that the white marker will dry up without possibility of reviving if left with the cap off for longer than two minutes.

The white marker is the first of its kind, and does not require shaking or pumping prior to use. It uses a permanent water-based ink that is resistant to both water and smudging after approximately 20 seconds.

Included with each Big-Ink Smart-Use Marker is a quiver cap with an extra-strong clip designed for secure attachment so the pencil can be easily withdrawn and replaced with just one hand.

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