Mafell Tilting Drilling Station 460S 691215

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Mafell Tilting Drilling Station 460S enables precise drilling of holes at any angle, superior in capability, precision, and ease of use compared to conventional drilling jigs. It works with large or small drill bits, and the fence accessory (204407) can be installed to create a series of holes parallel to an edge. The single column offers better visibility and access for changing bits.

Mafell Tilting Drilling Station 460S guides bit perfectly

Using a two sets of three rollers much like a three-jaw chuck, the Drilling Station holds the bit in perfect alignment for perfect guidance, eliminated bit drifting or deflection.

Polyethylene cable returns drill assembly to the top

Once the hole has been drilled, the Drilling Station automatically returns the drill assembly to the starting position, ready for the next hole. This is achieved via a polyethylene cable providing tensile force. The force exerted by the cable can be adjusted. An example of when you may wish to reduce the tension is when working horizontally, where that amount of spring return is not required and would reduce required feed pressure.

Mafell Drilling Station 460S tilts 45 degrees both ways

The angle of the drill guide can be precisely adjusted up to 45 degrees in either direction, and locked at 0 degrees. Regardless of the angle, the drill always enters the material at the same location relative to the base plate.

Mafell Tilting Drilling Station 460S 691215 specifications

  • 5-1/8 inch maximum tool diameter at 0 degrees
  • 3-15/16 inch maximum tool diameter at 45 degrees
  • 5/6 to 1-3/16 inch drill guide clamping range
  • -45 to +45 degree tilt adjustment
  • 1-11/16 inch collar diameter
  • 18-1/8 inch maximum drill length
  • 10-7/18 inch maximum drilling depth
  • 11.0 pounds

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