Mafell Jigsaw 120V P1 cc 917123

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Mafell's P1 cc jigsaw delivers accuracy without guides

Mafell's precision guidance system keeps the blade running true and does not rely on external guides on the sides or rear of the blade. Because of this, the blade can be installed backwards in the saw which is helpful when starting cuts at the edge of material where there would otherwise be very little support for the saw.

Mafell Jigsaw 120V P1 cc features CUmax clamping system

The jigsaw blade is held securely in place with the innovative CUmax sawblade clamping system which involves a wedge that presses against the blade so that the blade is held fast and cannot be accidentally displaced. Blades can be changed quickly and easily without tools.

Mafell's P1 cc jigsaw uses purpose-built base plates

The standard base plate is made to cut squarely at all times, and the accuracy is not compromised with the complications of a tilting base plate. Therefore, a separate tilting base plate for angle cuts is available separately for the P1 cc. Base plates can be quickly changed and securely clamped without tools.

Mafell Jigsaw is guide rail compatible

When perfectly straight cuts are required and the jigsaw is the best tool for the job, combine it with a Mafell F guide rail for accurate and precise cuts every time.

Mafell Jigsaw 120V P1 cc 917123 specifications

  • 26mm stroke length
  • 800 to 3,000 strokes per minute
  • 900 watts
  • 2.5 kilograms (5.51 pounds)

Mafell Jigsaw 120V P1 cc 917123 scope of delivery

  • 120V P1 cc jigsaw
  • 3x CUnex jigsaw blades, W1, W2, W+P2
  • P1-PA parallel guide fence 205448
  • P1-GP sole plate 204350
  • P1-AS hose connector 203917
  • P1-SA chip deflector 204353
  • P1-SS splinter guard 205447
  • P1-G glider 205464
  • T-Max Systainer

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