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Introducing the new Lamello Clamex S-20: a detachable connector that is inserted into an 8 mm wide groove and is held in place with 3 x 12 mm screws. Clamex S-20 connectors allow aesthetic joints at all angles and is ideal for permanently joined or detachable mitres. Use it in mitre joints from 19 mm material thickness, and in butt joints from 15 mm.

Open the Clamex S-20 connection time and time again with the rotating lever

The Clamex S-20 is a detachable connector, which means that you can always open it when you need. This makes it perfect for large cabinets better assembled on site, and knock down assemblies to save on shipping costs.

Through the minimalist 6 mm access hole, Clamex S-20 is firmly connected and disconnected using a lever operated by the included hex key.

Lamello Clamex S-20 connectors can be used with any biscuit joiner

Lamello’s new S-20 biscuit connectors do not rely on Lamello’s P-system slot for installation, so special tools are not required to cut the slot. In fact, any biscuit joiner by any brand can cut the slots, so a special investment in a slot cutting tool is not required.

Please note, however, that the connectors fit in an 8 millimetre wide slot whereas standard biscuit slots are only 4 millimetres wide.

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