Lamello Cabineo 8 Connectors for Centre Panels 1863**

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The Lamello Cabineo is a one-piece cabinet unit fitting for materials 12 to 16 mm thick and is installed into a drilled or routed shape. No edge drilling is necessary - all the machining in done on the surface. Because of this, Cabineo can be used with the majority of CNC machines including the most common 3 axis and nesting machines.

Compared to the standard cam and dowel fitting, the Cabineo offers more efficient production, faster installation and a greater clamping force. Also, there is no need for wooden dowels. The Cabineo fitting was designed to use a minimal amount of resources to provide a maximum of functionality.

The Cabineo offers significant advantages in the whole building process, including production, transport and installation. Installing the fitting into the workpieces and stacking them during the production process is possible without any protruding parts, which could damage the finished surfaces. This eliminates the packing of bags with fittings which would need to be delivered to the job site for installation. Because the elements are already factory-installed, the person assembling doesn't need to handle loose fittings. This speeds up the assembly and helps reduce mistakes.

The fitting is inserted into the routed shape on the surface. This can take place in production prior to transport or following transport at the final destination. The preinstalled screw inside the fitting is then screwed into the 5 mm drill hole in the corresponding workpiece, using a ball-end allen key. The speed of the cordless drill allows workpieces to be joined quickly and securely.

Cover caps in various colours are also available and can be clipped onto the Cabineo within seconds.

Lamello Cabineo 8 is designed for for center panels 12 to 16 mm thick.

Package of 500.

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