Hultafors EDC Chisels w/Holster 3900**

HultaforsSKU: HU-390013

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Perfect for everyday use, these chisels are made of high-quality steel and are tough enough for everyday use in the shop or on site. Ready for tough precision and all-round use, from adjusting and fitting to prying and demolishing.

High-quality Japanese carbon steel blade

Perfectly sharpened high-quality Japanese steel blade takes a keen edge.

EPD rust protection

A electrophoretic disposition treatment on the blade protects it from rust for ease of care.

Tough handle

The heavy-duty fibreglass reinforced polypropylene handle is designed for hard hammer blows. The oval shape is also comfortable in the hand for good control and doesn't roll.

Smart holster

A tough plastic holster protects the chisel edge and the user while keeping it readily available for use.


  • 232 millimetres overall length

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