Hand Sanding Block HSK 80 x 133 & D 21.5 Dust Extraction Hose

FestoolSKU: 496962

Select One: Hand Sanding Block w/Hose Adapter


Ergonomic shape for comfortable sanding.

  • Built-in dust extraction port.
  • Use with Festool 80 x 133 abrasives.í«ÌÎ_
  • Perfect for detail sanding where power sanding would be too aggressive. í«ÌÎ_
  • Rectangular design allows access to corners, and is compatible with the full line of Festool 80 x 133 mm abrasivesí«ÌÎ_also used byí«ÌÎ_the RTS 400 and LS 130 sanders.
  • Sanding block includes an bleed valve to control vacuum suction, and an adapter for use with a D 27 mm hose.
  • Use with D 21.5 mm x 5 m Non-Anti-Static Hoseí«ÌÎ_for ultimate iní«ÌÎ_agility and ergonomics.

Hand Sanding Block w/Hose Adapter

  • Bypass for suction power adjustment
  • No surface damage caused by rounded corners on the burr layer
  • Ergonomic handle with easy-grip surface prevents blister formation on the hands
  • Ergonomic sanding pad compatible with Festool abrasive sizes
  • Integral adapter allows use of Festool extractor hoses

D 21.5 x 5m Non-Anti-Static Hose:

  • For use with hand sanding blocks with dust extraction
  • The ideal extractor hose for manual sanding
  • Small hose diameter and low bending stiffness for easy handling
  • For direct connection (without reducing ring) to hand sanding block with extraction
  • 5-meters in length (approximately 197 inches)

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