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DX 93 Abrasive - Granat

Festool -


Festool's most durable multi-purpose abrasive for the widest range of applications.

Compatible with Festool Rotex RO 90 DX Multi-Mode Sander (Delta Head Attachment) & DX 93E Sanders -  93mm

40 to 400 grit for everything from aggressive stock removal to finefinish sanding.

High Tech coating for reduced clogging and trouble free finishing.

Since sanding into corners causes the tip of the paper to wear most, the rotateable triangular design provides maximum pad and abrasive life.

The sophisticated paper and pad design provides excellent dust removal for cleaner air and better finishes.

A premium abrasive composed of hardened Aluminum Oxide and Ceramic grit for wood as well as almost any other surface, including scratch-resistant and high VOC coatings. 

Note: Use Granat as a replacement for Festool Cristal.

With its advanced coatings, Festool Granat provides maximum resistance to clogging and smearing, which means longer lasting abrasives and less rework.

Save money by reducing costs and achieve consistent, high-quality results.

Festool abrasives are engineered and manufactured to strict FEPA standards, guaranteeing uniform abrasive positioning and consistent sanding results.

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