Fisch Multi-Function Wave Cutter Forstner Bits

Fisch ToolsSKU: 0317K0011K



Modular pilot bit and extension system for maximum versatility

Forged bits, precision ground with CNC machinery for best quality.

Bores flat-bottomed holes, and̴Ì_at any angle even without a drill press.

Patent pending wavy periphery cutting edge for clean entry.

Shanks have three flats for secure chucking in a 3-jaw chuck, and easy installation in the extensions.

Boxed Set includes: 15, 20,̴Ì_25, 30, and 35 mm̴Ì_sizes, (1) 93 mm extension, (2) centering̴Ì_pilots, (2) 4mm pilot drill bits, and dismantling̴Ì_tool.

Made in Austria.

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