Festool Track Saw 168mm with Scoring Function TSV 60 KEB-F-Plus-FS 577748

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Festool Track Saw 168mm with Scoring Function, the TSV 60, delivers an absolutely perfect cut in any material with zero tearout on both sides thanks to the adjustable scoring blade. Whether on the jobsite or in the shop, the handheld, portable circular saw delivers clean, precision cuts in any size workpiece with ease. Cut quality is comparable to the best stationary table saws.

The TSV 60 is safe to use, too, with Festool's KickbackStop technology that stops the motor in a fraction of a second if kickback is detected. This protects the workpiece and reduces risk to the user. Further, the both blades are contained in the handheld saw, so there is less risk to hands and fingers.

TSV 60 features an adjustable diamond scoring blade

The counter-rotating scoring blade sits ahead of the main blade and cuts the top layer of the material while the main blade is left to finish the cut. The two blades work in tandem to produce perfect chip-free cuts in any materials. This concept is standard in panel saws and sliding table saws because it enables flawless cuts in any material, and now Festool has incorporated it into a handheld track saw.

The diamond scoring blade is extremely durable and long-lasting, so it will stay sharp and continue to perform for a long time. Simple controls allow adjustment to the depth and track of the scoring blade for perfect alignment with the main blade. If not required, the separate scoring blade motor can be switched off.

Get perfectly straight cuts with FS or FSK guide rails

Festool's FS guide rails are available in half a dozen lengths, and can be connected for longer cuts. The TSV 60 can be easily adjusted for a perfect fit on the guide rails without tools. The TSV 60 track saw can be paired with an FSK crosscutting guide rail for a portable setup for repeatable crosscuts.

Achieve flawless bevel cuts with the TSV 60

The saw tilts up to 45 degrees for bevel cuts, but regardless of the angle, the scoring blade travels with the main blade in perfect alignment so you never need to adjust the scoring blade just because you tilt the main blade.

Festool's TSV 60 track saw with scoring blade features a brushless motor

Festool's high-speed brushless EC-TEC motor means the saw extremely powerful, yet virtually maintenance free. Paired with a thin-kerf blade, even thick cuts (up to 62 millimetres) are quick and effortless. Both the main blade motor and scoring blade motor can be manually switched on and off.

Change blades quickly and easily with FastFix

The saw conveniently rests on its left side, positioning the blade horizontally for the blade change. The FastFix lever locks the spindle on the main blade so the arbor bolt can be easily loosened and removed with the included 5 millimetre hex key.

Festool Track Saw 168mm with Scoring Function TSV 60 KEB-F-Plus-FS 577748 specifications

  • 168 millimetre (6-5/8 inch) main blade
  • 47 millimetre (1-27/32 inch) scoring blade
  • 6.00 kilograms (13.23 pounds)
  • 27 or 36 millimetre (1-1/6 or 1-7/16 inch) dust extraction connection diameter
  • 4 metre (13.12 foot) power cable
  • 0 to 62 millimetre (0 to 2-7/16 inch) cut depth
  • 1,500 watt main blade motor
  • 190 watt scoring blade motor
  • 3,000 to 6,800 RPM no load speed main blade
  • 22,000 RPM no load speed scoring blade
  • 0 to 45 degree bevel range

Festool Track Saw 168mm with Scoring Function TSV 60 KEB-F-Plus-FS 577748 scope of delivery

  • TSV 60 KEB-F 168 millimetre track saw with scoring function
  • 168 x 1.8 millimetre fine cut 42-tooth wood blade
  • 47 x 2.5 millimetre diamond scoring saw blade with trapezoidal tooth
  • Sight window
  • 5 millimetre hex key
  • 75 inch FS 1900 guide rail
  • Systainer SYS3 M 437 with custom organizational insert

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