Festool SCA 8 Quick-Charge Airstream Battery Charger 200313

FestoolSKU: 200313



This high-amperage charger provide 8 amps of power for rapid charging, and Airstream technology for better and even faster charging of Airstream batteries.

Airstream technology

Batteries are cooled as they charge, so even a battery hot from working hard can be placed on the charger immediately and can be charged at a greater rate without overheating.

Compatible with Airstream and non-Airstream batteries

The 8 amp charger is compatible with all Festool 12, 15, and 18 volt batteries, though non-Airstream batteries do not benefit from the Airstream feature.

Built-in features

LED indicator lights clearly show the status of the battery. The plastic case includes an integral cord wrap and keyholes for mounting.

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