Festool Rubin 2 Abrasive Discs for 150mm Sanders 5751**

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Designed specifically for bare wood sanding, the second generation of Rubin abrasives is the abrasive of choice for cabinet makers, furniture makers, millworkers, and other woodworkers.

150 millimetre (6 inch) diameter for Festool ETS 150, ETS EC 150, RO 150 sanders and HSK hand sanding blocks.

Built for wood

Rubin 2 was designed to quickly shed wood fibres to eliminate clogging and keep the abrasive sharp longer. This results in a 30% faster stock removal rate.

Designed for rapid grit progression

The design of Rubin 2 is optimized to achieve a quality surface in the least amount of time.

Longer sheet life

With a tough paper backing, enjoy fewer abrasive changes and make your supply go further with a 30% longer sheet life.

StickFix Hook and Loop Backing

Festool's unique hook and loop backing allows rapid and secure attachment of the abrasives to the tool and has less pile than other hook and loop systems so a flatter, firmer sanding surface is achievable.

Guaranteed Quality

Festool abrasives are engineered and manufactured to strict FEPA standards that guarantee uniform abrasive positioning on the surface which translates to consistent sanding results so you can spend less time sanding.

Package of 50 discs.

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