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Festool's newly redesigned OF 1010 REQ compact plunge router offers significant improvements over its predecessor. Just like the OF 1010 EQ, the new router retains a similar form, making it a lightweight and ergonomic router with excellent visibility of the router bit. Also, all controls are located for easy one-handed operation.

Improvements include perfect torsional rigidity with the new dual-locking plunge columns and easy connection of D 27 or 36 millimetre hoses thanks to the new round dust extraction port.

Festool micro-adjustable depth control with three adjustable turrets for plunge depth on the OF 1010 REQ

Precisely set the plunge depth of the OF 1010 plunge router quickly and easily by using the micro-adjust depth stop wheel which is graduated in 1/10 millimetre (1/256 or 0.0039 inch) increments. Further, you can customize the step between each post because each of the three posts on the OF 1010's turret is also individually adjustable.

Excellent visibility and dust collection with Festool's OF 1010 REQ Plunge Router

With a clear dust shroud surrounding the opening in the OF 1010 plunge router's baseplate, visibility of the bit and work area remains unobscured. If routing along and edge, mount the chip catcher underneath the router base for excellent dust collection. Attaching a dust collection hose is easier with the new round dust extraction port that now accepts D 27 or 36 millimetre hoses.

Festool's OF 1010 REQ Plunge Router runs on Festool Guide Rails

The included Guide Stop and Guide Rods allow the OF 1010 plunge router to run along a Festool guide rail for perfectly straight cuts anywhere.

Change bits easily with the Festool OF 1010 REQ Plunge Router spindle lock

Bit changes on the OF 1010 plunge router are fast and easy with a single wrench, thanks to the spindle lock button and open area between the motor and base. Just press the green button to lock the spindle.

MMC Electronics enhance OF 1010 safety and control

Festool's OF 1010 plunge router motor with multiple material control electronics starts up smoothly, preventing jolting and voltage spikes. Also, the motor's speed can be adjusted infinitely to suit the material and application, and speed will remain constant even when load is applied. To protect the motor, built-in temperature control prevents overheating by turning the router off when critical temperature is reached.

Festool Plunge Router OF 1010 REQ-F-Plus US 576922 specifications

  • 1,010 watts
  • 6,500 to 26,000 RPM
  • 55 millimetre (2-1/8 inch) plunge stroke
  • 8 millimetre (5/16 inch) depth stop fine adjustment range
  • 27 millimetre (1.1 inch) inside dust extraction port
  • 36 millimetre (1.4 inch outside dust extraction port
  • 3 kilograms (6.6 pounds)
  • 2 inch maximum cutter diameter
  • Compatible with 1/4 inch and 8 millimetre collets

Festool Plunge Router OF 1010 REQ-F-Plus US 576922 scope of delivery

  • OF 1010 REQ-F-Plus Router
  • Below-table chip catcher
  • 1/4 inch collet
  • 8 millimetre collet
  • 19 millimetre wrench
  • 1-3/16 inch guide bushing adapter
  • 2x guide rods
  • Guide rail adapter
  • Plug-it power cable
  • Systainer SYS3 M 237 with organizational insert
  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee
  • 3-Year Festool Service All-Inclusive Limited Warranty

Replaces 574339 OF 1010 EQ-Plus, and 574691 and 576204 OF 1010 EQ-F-Plus

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