Festool Phone Charger PHC-18 577155

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Keep your mobile devices always charged and ready to use with Festool's new Mobile Phone Charging Station. Connect to Festool 18V battery packs (not including Ergo battery packs) to charge up to three smartphones simultaneously with charging cables or inductive charging.

Cordless convenience

Charge your devices anywhere, as long as you have an energized Festool battery.

Three charging options

Place your mobile phone on the Phone Charger for inductive charging (provided that the mobile phone supports inductive charging) or connect it with a charging cable plugged into the USB A or USB C ports. The inductive surface has rubberized surfaces to prevent your devices from slipping or shifting.

Compact battery-like form

The Phone Charger has a similar footprint to a battery, so stores easily with your Festool batteries.


When combined with a fully-charged 5.2 Ah battery pack, a 3000 mAh mobile phone battery can be charged up to eight times.


  • 12 watt, 5 volt, 2.4 amp USB-A port
  • 15 watt, 5 volt, 3.0 amp USB-C port
  • 8.5 watt inductive charging surface
  • 5/9 watt inductive charging compatible with Qi-BPP/PPDE
  • 0.72 pounds

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