Festool Paper Filter Bags for CT 33 FIS-CT 452971

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Disposable paper filter bags serve as the first stage of filter and make it fast, easy and clean to empty the CT dust extractor. Using a filter bag in your Festool CT Dust Extractor will extend the life of the main filter and dust extractor.

Bags are the first stage of filtration

Trapping particles as small as 5 microns in size, the bag prevents the majority of the dust from reaching the main filter of the dust extractor to extend the life of it and the dust extractor.

Tough double-layer bags

These are not ordinary paper bags! A second layer of tear-resistant paper provides additional toughness and filtration, and an attached cap seals off the bag for dust-free disposal.

No suction loss

The bags are designed to maximize airflow not just when new, but through the life of the bag, so the full capacity of the bag can be utilized without clogging or caking.

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