Festool Multifunction Table Basic MFT MFT/3 Basic 500608

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A versatile work table that allows precise and repeatable cutting, facilitates work holding in many configurations, and folds for storage and transportation.

Many work holding options

The CNC-machined grid of 20 millimetre holes allows use of dogs for repeat and accurate positioning and a clamp can be passed through any for downwards clamping. The aluminum extrusion around the perimeter of the table offers even more clamping options, including sideways clamping like a vise.

Foldable legs

The folding legs allow the table to be used in two positions - high or low. When the legs are deployed, and adjustable leg allows the table to be stabilized on any surface.

Sacrificial MDF top

The sacrificial MDF cut provides optimum support for your work. When it is cut up too badly, it can be rotated and flipped for continued use.


  • 28 kilograms (61.73 pounds)
  • 700 x 78 millimetres (27 x 3-5/64 inches) maximum width and thickness workpiece width for cutting
  • 1,157 x 773 millimetre (45 x 30 inch) table
  • 900 millimetre (35 inch) table height with legs unfolded
  • 180 millimetre (7 inch) table height with legs folded
  • 120 kilograms (264.56 pounds) load capacity

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