Festool Modular Trim Router Set MFK 700 EQ-Set 576239

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The ultimate trim router, the MFK 700 has a precise fine depth adjustment mechanism, multiple orientations for different trimming tasks, and excellent dust collection. Ideal for trimming edge banding, joinery, plugs, profiling edges, and cutting hinge mortises.

Offset base

This base has two locking points for excellent cutter-to-base rigidity. The offset provide excellent stability when routing hinge gains or profiling an edge. This base features an integral 1-3/16 inch template guide thread for easy installation of standard brass template guides and reducers. A top dust port allows dust extraction when used on top of a surface.

Flush trimming 1.5 degree base

The 1.5 degree flush trimming base allows the motor to be oriented vertically or horizontally at 1.5 degrees off to make it easier to trim flush without touching the substrate.

Horizontal positioning is ideal for trimming along an edge with the base controlling depth of cut and the feeler bearing controlling how far the bit extends over the workpiece.

Vertical positioning allows flush trimming even in the middle of a broad surface, such as when trimming plugs, inlays, or bringing one surface flush with another. This orientation provides excellent visibility of the cutter.

Do not use a router bit with a cutting length of more than 16 millimetres (5/8") and a shank length of 46 millimetres (1-13/16 inches). For the greatest range of adjustment and quality of cut, a 19 millimetre (3/4 inch) diameter bit is recommended. Festool makes a carbide tipped router bits (491666) that is ideal for use with this base.

Flush trimming 0-degree base (part 491427) optional

For flush trimming wide solid wood edge banding where a 1.5 degree may be noticeable, or when the faces will be laminated or veneered afterwards, the optional base allows straight flush trimming.

Edge banding trimming base (part 500590) optional

Designed for use with Festool's Conturo Edge Bander, the EQ/B base allows edge banding to be trimmed flush and profiled with a single setup. The integrated bearing brake ensures the bearing doesn't spin freely and mark the edge banding. Edges from 0 to 45 degrees can be trimmed with this base.


The height of each base is controlled by a green locking knob graduated in 1/10 millimetre (1/256 inch) increments.

Adjustable base-mounted bearing

By detaching the bearing used to guide the router bit, there is less risk of marking the workpiece, and standard straight bits can be used, reducing bit cost.

Dust collection attachments

A dust shroud for each base can be securely attached for connection to a dust extractor to contain and remove the chips produced while routing.

Phenolic resin baseplate

The slick and durable baseplate glides easily over surfaces without marring.

MMC Electronics enhance safety and control

The tool starts up smoothly, eliminating jolting and voltage spikes. Adjust the speed infinitely within the speed range to suit the material and application, and know that the pre-selected speed will remain constant even when load is applied. Built-in temperature control prevents overheating by switching the tool off when critical temperature is reached in order to prolong its lifespan.


  • 14 millimetre (1/2 inch) depth adjustment range
  • 32 millimetre (1-1/4 inch) maximum cutter diameter
  • 27 millimetre (1-1/16 inch) dust extraction connection diameter
  • 1.9 kilograms (4.19 pounds)
  • 720 watts

Scope of delivery

  • MFK 700 EQ Router Motor
  • 1.5 degree flush trimming base
  • Offset base
  • Feeler bearing assembly
  • Dust collection attachment for flush trimming base
  • Dust collection attachment for offset base
  • 1/4 inch collet
  • 8 millimetre collet
  • 4 metre Plug-it power cord
  • 19 millimetre wrench
  • Systainer SYS3 M 237 with organizational insert
  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee
  • 3-Year Festool Service All-Inclusive Limited Warranty

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