Festool Granat Net Abrasive Discs for LHS 225 20331*

FestoolSKU: FES-203319

Sale price$105.00


Designed for rapid sanding materials that produce large amounts of dust, the open net backer facilitates dust extraction across the entire surface. Ideal for softer base materials and drywall.

225 millimetre diameter discs sized for Festool Planex sanders.

Durable mesh backing

The unique mesh backing is highly tear resistant for excellent edge stability for the highest quality work.

Perfect for extraction of large volumes of dust

The open net design results in reduced clogging, higher stock removal rates, more consistent sanding, and longer abrasive life.

No holes to align

With a uniform mesh pattern, there are no holes to align with the sander's pad, so installation on the sander is faster and easier.

Package of 25 discs.

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