Festool Crosscutting Guide Rails for HK and HKC 76994*

FestoolSKU: FES-769941

Sale price$249.00


Sliding adjustable stop allows repetitive angles to be cut left or right.

  • Rubber spring automatically retracts saw for the next cut.
  • Anti-slip strip prevents rail from shifting during cut, and splinter guard ensures a clean edge.
  • The FSK cross cutting guide rails work in combination with the Festool HKC 55 cordless circular saw.
  • The two together form an easily portable and highly accurate cross cut system allowing precision square and mitre cuts.
  • The rails feature an adjustable stop system that allows for angled cuts from 0 to 60í«̴́ both left and right, with stops at common angles.
  • A quick-acting closure allows you to quickly attach or detach your saw.
  • An adjustable starting position stop with built-in rubber spring helps reset the saw ready for the next cut.
  • FSK 250 mitres 50 degrees left and right.
  • FSK 420 and FSK 670 mitre 60 degrees left and right.

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