Festool 36 Litre Cleantec Dust Extractor with Autostart CT 36 E AC HEPA 576760

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Putting an end to clogged filters, the CT 36 AC features an automatic main filter cleaning mechanism that keeps the filter clean and provides a continuous high level of suction. This dust extractor was designed specifically for use with the PLANEX and PLANEX Easy drywall sanders whose 9 inch sanding pads continuously create large amounts of caking dust.

Adjustable AUTOCLEAN feature

Change the frequency of automatic main filter cleaning, or turn it off altogether with the turn of a dial.

Adjustable suction power

Adjust the volume flow up to 137 cubic feet per minute to match the suction to the job. Smaller sanders often work better with less suction.

Auto-start feature built in

Plug a tool into the onboard outlet to have it automatically cycle the dust extractor on and off. Add the optional Bluetooth module for automatic switching with a cordless tool equipped with a Bluetooth battery.

Large diameter, highly flexible suction hose

The included 36 millimetre (1-13/32 inch) hose is incredibly flexible yet durable as well. The antistatic hose prevents dust accumulation inside and outside the hose, keeping airflow unobstructed and the workplace cleaner. The special tabbed fitting allows positive connection to a Planex or Planex Easy and fits over the ports on other tools that accept a 36 millimetre hose.

Stable and compact

With a low centre of gravity and a rectangular body, the dust extractor is space efficient and not prone to toppling. Large wheels easily handle obstructions and the foot brake keeps it from rolling when in transport, loading, or in use.

Built-in hose garage and cord wrap

When the job's done, it's easy to stow the 25 foot power cable and 11-1/2 foot hose on-board.

SYS-Dock allows connection of Systainers

Keep everything together and make fewer trips by stacking and locking your Systainers with tools and accessories on top of the CT dust extractor.

Install an Selfclean filter bag and HEPA filter for the same performance as other CT dust extractors

Not doing drywall today? Swap the high-performance filter with a HEPA filter (not included) and install a Selfclean filter bag (included) for the same performance as the rest of the Festool CT dust extractors.

Converts to wet vaccuum

Replace the HEPA filter with a sponge filter and remove the bag to use the extractor for dust pick-up. A sensor shuts off the unit automatically when maximum fluid level is reached.

Thermal protection built-in

A standard on all Festool dust extractors, the motor features thermal protection. If it gets too hot, the extractor will shut itself off, thereby protecting your investment and preventing costly damage and time consuming repairs.

Festool 36 Litre Cleantec Dust Extractor with Autostart CT 36 E AC HEPA 576760 specifications

  • 15.2 kilograms (33.51 pounds)
  • 7.5 (25 foot) metre power cable
  • 630 x 365 x 596 millimetres (25 x 14-3/8 x 23-15/32 inches) in length, width and height
  • 36 litre (9.5 gallon) container capacity
  • 34 litre (9.0 gallon) bag capacity
  • 6,318 square centimetre (979 square inch) filter surface area
  • 3,900 litres per minute (137 cubic feet per minute) maximum volume flow
  • 24,000 Pascals (96 inches) static water lift

Festool 36 Litre Cleantec Dust Extractor with Autostart CT 36 E AC HEPA 576760 scope of delivery

  • CT 36 E AC HEPA dust extractor
  • High-performance filter
  • SELFCLEAN filter bag
  • Plastic liner
  • 36 millimetre (1-13/32 inch) diameter anti-static hose with PLANEX adapter
  • Cable holder
  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee
  • 3-Year Festool Service All-Inclusive Limited Warranty

Replaces 574933 CT 36 E AC

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