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Achieve precise, consistent joinery with the FastCap Domino Sled, designed exclusively for use with the Festool DF 500 Q Domino Joiner. Crafted from solid aircraft grade aluminum, this Sled ensures fast, accurate, and repeatable measurements for cutting joinery holes, simplifying the creation of flawless floating tenon joints.

FastCap Domino Sled: Efficient Operation and Easy Set Up

The Domino Sled provides precise joinery with simple steps set-up. To begin using the Domino Sled determine wood thickness, choose appropriate Domino bit and set the plunge depth and cut width.

Secure the fence to your workpiece with clamps and mark out the desired locations for mortise cuts using the FastCap Stop center line. Install as many stops as you need.

Precise Alignment and Repeatability of Mortises with FastCap Domino Sled

The Domino Sled can be set flush to the edge, ensuring perfect alignment for your cuts. Utilize its green tabs to locate the edge of the wood board accurately. 

The adjustable locking tabs allow the Domino Sled to be used seamlessly with different track and fence brands, ensuring a secure fit with your Festool DF 500 Q-Set Domino Joiner.

FastCap Domino Sled scope of delivery:

  • Clear case
  • Custom cut Kaizen Foam
  • 1 Aluminum Sled
  • 3 Sled Stops
  • 1 Allen Key

Extra Sled Stops sold separately.

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