Bessey Tools Large Trigger Clamps 360 Degree, 300 lb EHKL360*

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Presenting Bessey Tools' new EHKL360 Trigger Clamps, an ingenious update to the classic trigger clamp.

Revolutionize your clamping experience with the Bessey EHKL360, featuring an innovative 360° rotating handle. Unlike traditional clamps, this original design empowers users to customize the handle position for optimal clamping or spreading, enhancing both ergonomic comfort and tool adaptability. With the EHKL360, every job becomes more efficient and precise, thanks to its unmatched versatility.

Enhanced safety and efficiency: introducing Bessey Tools Rotating Clamp EHKL360

This revolutionary clamp, currently under patent pending, allows the handle to rotate a full 360° around the rail. Its design ensures robust clamping, even in narrow or inaccessible areas, improving safety during usage. The clamping force is distributed evenly, while your work is protected by the soft touch removable pads.

Additionally, multiple EHKL360 clamps can be securely positioned side by side within limited spaces. The handle can be conveniently rotated 180°, providing ample clearance for the next clamp installation.

Bessey Tools Rotating Clamp EHKL360 offers maximum clamping power with unmatched comfort and versatility

Experience maximum clamping force with superior comfort thanks to the ergonomic composite handle and easy-release trigger. 

Never again struggle with tight or inaccessible areas. This unique clamp, offered in 5 sizes and capable of exerting up to 300 pounds of clamping pressure, ensures there's an EHKL360 perfect for your needs.

Bessey’s revolutionary rotating trigger clamp caters to the diverse clamping needs of woodworking pros and DIY enthusiasts alike. Whether you're a seasoned woodworker or a passionate DIYer, the EHKL360 is an indispensable addition to any workshop.

Clamping Capacity

Throat Depth

Clamping Force

Spreading Approx.
EHKL360-06 6 inches

3 1/8 inches

300 pounds

7 3/4 inches - 12 1/4 inches

1.79 pounds

EHKL360-12 12 inches

3 1/8 inches

300 pounds

7 3/4 inches - 18 1/4 inches

2.04 pounds
EHKL360-18 18 inches

3 1/8 inches

300 pounds

7 3/4 inches - 24 inches

2.21 pounds
EHKL360-24 24 inches

3 1/8 inches

300 pounds

7 3/4 inches - 30 inches

2.41 pounds
EHKL360-36 36 inches

3 1/8 inches

300 pounds

7 3/4 inches - 41 3/4 inches

2.79 pounds

2x EHKL360-12 clamps (12 inches)

4.11 pounds

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