Bessey Auto-Adjust Horizontal Toggle Clamps

Bessey ToolsSKU: BES-STC-HH20

Select: 13/16 inch Capacity


Bessey Auto-Adjust Toggle Clamps allow you to set the amount of clamping force and it is automatically applied to the workpiece regardless of height - no adjustment is required when clamping workpieces of different thicknesses. This makes them ideal for both large and small scale production environments.

The ergonomically-designed handles have a large bearing surface with soft inserts and are heat resistant. Nickel plating inhibits corrosion to extend tool life.

Holes in base plate are sized and located for easy mounting with either metric or imperial systems. For mounting to a fixture, use either 3/16 inch or M5 screws for the 13/16 inch clamp, and 1/4 inch or M6 screws for 1-9/16 inch and 2-3/8 inch clamps.

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