Amana Non-Ferrous Metal Circular Saw Blade with Electro-Blu Coating 10 inch x 80T TCG with 5/8 Inch Bore 510801C

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With a special carbide formulation and specific blade geometry, this blade is ideal for cutting relatively thin-walled extrusions and frames made of aluminum or other non-ferrous materials. Also suitable for cutting other tricky materials such as plastics, PVC tubing, fibreglas, and aluminum composite materials (ACM).

The negative hook angle, triple-chip grind and thick plate produce a high-level finish, and long service life.

For use in table saws, mitre saws, and radial arm saws.

Electro-Blu coating

Applied with an electrostatic bonding process, this special coating reduces accumulation of resin and build-up of heat. As a result, the teeth stay sharper longer, extending the blade life and time between sharpenings.


  • 10 inch (250 millimetre) diameter
  • 80 teeth
  • 5/8 inch bore
  • Triple chip grind
  • -6 degree hook angle
  • .126 inch (3.2 millimetre) kerf
  • .102 inch (2.6 millimetre) plate thickness

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