NOW AVAILABLE IN CANADA! Mafell Woodworking Tools & Accessories

Take advantage of your exclusive opportunity to add top-quality tools to your shop, and be one of the first to own a selection of Mafell tools—now available in Canada. We're thrilled to introduce this line of woodworking tools for cabinetry, carpentry, and timber framing to customers who appreciate well-designed products that truly stand the test of time.

Founded in Germany, the Mafell line of tools and accessories are known for innovative design and quality, and are a reliable partner within the woodworking trade. Known throughout the world for top-grade tools Mafell is a true leader—introducing products like the Duo-Doweler as well as their innovative line of plunge and panel saw systems (to name a few).

Gear up and add the MT55 to your collection.  It’s the ultimate track saw meant for precise cutting of materials up to 2" thick with no margin for error.  The MT55 is a high-precision jack of all trades that executes plunge, bevel, and angled cuts without causing chipping or tearout.

We’ll also have the new Mafell DDF 40 Duo Dowel System that provides greater ease and efficiency when it comes to drilling accurate 5, 8, 10, or 12 millimetres holes two at a time on 32mm centres for joinery, shelf pins, European hinges, or drawer slides. This compact tool can be used anywhere including in the shop, on-site, or even on existing cabinetry.

Also available is the Mafell ZSX chain beam saw, guaranteed to be a game-changer thanks to its power and portability to-and-from site. This saw may look like a chainsaw, but it performs with the precision of a circular saw, making cross-cuts almost as smoothly—enabling timbers to be cut where they are about to be raised.

And we think you’ll want to check out the MKS 185 carpenter's portable circular saw by Mafell too. This lightweight, easy to maneuver saw uses ultra-modern die-cast magnesium alloys to achieve an extraordinary weight/performance ratio and can easily adjust to suit deeper cuts. Intelligent control electronics ensure a smooth start up and constant speed for accuracy too. 

Need to know more about these top-notch tools we’re excited to carry in-store? 

  1. Manufactured in Germany Mafell is one of the most sought after makers of power tools and accessories specific to the woodworking industry

  2. Tools exclusively made for joinery and cabinetmaking, carpentry, and timber framing

  3. User friendly tools are made with outstanding material and build quality so you can focus on the job at hand


Chris Wong

Chris Wong

Hi Bob,
You can order yours here (leave a space between 185 and EC so the search picks it up).



Looking to Purchase a 185EC Mafell Saw.

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