New 2096 Multi-Function Work-Holding Kit for MFT Benches

Woodpecker's latest OneTIME Tool is the perfect accessory to a Festool Multi-Function Table (MFT) or other workbench with 20 mm holes on 96 mm centres.

The Multi-Function Workholding Kit includes a total of 24 precision-machined aluminum dogs and 8 phenolic wedge plates to secure a wide range of materials as thin as 1/4".

The extra-wide trapezoidal plates with multiple rows of dog holes make it fast and easy to adjust to different stock widths. Clamping is as simple as sliding forward the wedge plate.

The tallest 2" dogs provide support for material on edge.

Used with the threaded 1/8" dogs, the Trick Dogs can be adjusted to fully support uneven stock.

Head on over to the product page to learn more where we have a video tour of the product.

Remember, like all OneTIME Tools, this one is available by pre-order only. The deadline for this one is July 3, 2017.

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