Festool has announced five new tools, available for pre-order now and pick-up or shipping October 2, 2017.

Festool Cordless Hybrid Sanders - DTSC, RTSC, ETSC


The Festool sanding experience without cords or hoses!

These new Festool sanders can be operated with 18V ERGO Battery Packs, or with the ACA Adapter and power cord plugged into a wall outlet. Batteries charge on existing platform of TCL 3/6/8 chargers, and will charge faster than you can exhaust them so you won't have any down time.

In Our Testing

When we tested the sanders, we found their performance very impressive. These are cordless tools without compromises. They are comfortable and well-balanced with battery or AC adapter, with minimal vibration. We couldn't detect any airborne dust when using the reusable dust bag.

Festool Surface Control Light - STL 450

Never miss a scratch or blemish again with Festool's STL 450 Surface Control Light.

The slim body has a non-marring rubber casing with integral cord wrap. Use it hand-held, let it stand on its own, or mount it on a tripod for hands-free use.


In Our Testing

We used the light to inspect some sanded surfaces, placing the light on edge. The raking light highlighted some deeper scratches from a coarse sanding grit.

On the tripod, high and lows spots on our wall stood out clearly. The mount, with easy-to-use adjustments, made it quick and easy to position the light where needed. It uses the same tripod as the Festool SYSLITE Duo, with an additional mounting attachment.

Festool Planex Easy - LHS-E 225 EQ

The Planex Easy by Festool aims to simplify drywall sanding. Everything from texture removal on ceilings to the final sanding of walls can be done efficiently without making a mess.

Setup is as simple as applying an abrasive disc, connecting a dust extractor and plugging in the tool.

In Our Testing

Handling the tool, we found it easy to manipulate. The pivot for the head seems lighter than with the modular Planex. Pad speed is controlled with a dial in the handle, and suction is set to draw from the middle of the pad and the perimeter for maximum control of dust.

Although this model of the Planex is not self-supporting (it cannot support its own weight by vacuum suction), the harness accessory is compatible to help distribute the weight.

The Planex Easy LHS-E is not modular, unlike the LHS, so it is one length only. This may affect its practicality when working in a closet where the wall length is less than the Planex Easy's overall length of 63".



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