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Woodpeckers Spline Jig makes it easy and accurate to add splines to mitre joints to reinforce them and provide a decorative highlight if a contrasting material is used.

Woodpeckers Spline Jig is easy to use

To use, first cut your mitres and glue up the picture frame, box, or other assembly. While the glue dries, position the adjustable flip stops to cut the splines where you want. After the glue has dried, cut the slots with your table saw or router table, then glue in the splines.

Lots of options with the Spline Jig by Woodpeckers

The simplest spline slots can be cut at the table saw with a saw blade that leaves a flat bottom groove. For a more interesting look, you can tilt the blade, or combine straight cuts with a series of cuts at different angles for a fan-like design. Or set up the spline jig on the router table choose from any straight bits, dovetail bits, or other profiles for different effects.

Spline Jig is well-made and adjustable

Consisting of power-coated steel legs and anodized aluminum Super Track, the Spline Jig has two height settings that work with projects from 1/2 inches wide all the way up to 16. It includes four moulded flip stops.

The jig rests on steel skids lined with UHMW polyethylene to reduce friction and prevent scratching the machine's surface and fence. In use, place the jig on the table and guide it over the cutter while keeping it against the fence.

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