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The Woodpeckers Rout-N-Plane and Rout-N-Plane XL Bench Top Board Mills excel at tasks beyond the capabilities of typical thickness planers: handling end-grain cutting boards and wider glued-up panels. Operating within a stock range of 3/4 inch to 3 inches thick, these tools offer remarkable versatility.

Rout-N-Plane Benchtop Board Mill allows safe and controlled levelling with a router

End grain cutting boards stand up to heavy work in the kitchen better than edge grain or face grain boards. But levelling an end grain board should never be done on a jointer or thickness planer. It's not only ineffective, it's potentially dangerous. Levelling them with a router sled isn't exactly a new idea, but Rout-N-Plane offers convenience and flexibility you can't get with shop-built sleds.

The Rout-N-Plane effortlessly adapts within seconds to securely guide any router across your board. Its adjustment capabilities cater to board thicknesses ranging from 3/4 inch to a full 3 inches.

Versatile Board Mill solutions with the Rout-N-Plane and Rout-N-Plane XL

The original Rout-N-Plane comfortably accommodates boards up to 15 inches wide (based on a 6 inches diameter base with a 1 inch diameter cutter), while the Rout-N-Plane XL extends this capacity to 24 inches. The length of operation is only limited by the available table space.

The original Rout-N-Plane is compatible with tables at least 22-1/2 inches wide, whereas the Rout-N-Plane XL requires a minimum of 32 inches width.

Woodpeckers made the Rout-N-Plane fast and easy to set up

Adjusting the height of Rout-N-Plane couldn't be simpler. Just find the tab setting on the ends that puts the router support just above your board and tighten in the locking knobs.

The powder-coat finish slides easily across benchtop surfaces and provides a low-friction surface for your router base, too. A centring guide is provided to properly set the router edge guides. And a sacrificial fence is provided to keep Rout-N-Plane square to your project.

Expand your woodworking horizons with Woodpeckers Rout-N-Plane XL

While the focus during the engineering of the Rout-N-Plane was on end-grain cutting boards, it has become evident that its utility extends beyond this initial purpose. Many individuals face limitations in terms of space or budget, making it impractical to invest in large planers or wide belt sanders.

Fortunately, with the Rout-N-Plane XL, there's no need to abandon projects such as workbenches, river tables, or natural edge slabs due to the constraints of a 12 inches planer. The Rout-N-Plane XL is capable of creating flat and parallel surfaces on panels up to 24 inches wide and any length that can be adequately supported.

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