Wera Tools 35-Piece Universal Window Installer Tool Set 5134013001

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Wera Tools 35-Piece Universal Tool Set was put together for professional window installers, but the contents of the kit cover the needs of many common applications. The set includes a self-setting wrench, screwdriver, screwdriver with flexible shaft, ratchet, screwdriver bits and sockets, and a range of hex and Torx L-keys neatly packed in a durable case. The screwdriver bits and sockets can be used with hand tools or power tools (but not impact drivers).

Slim, flexible shank Kraftform Kompact screwdriver for fastening in tough spots

With a long, flexible shank, the 393 S screwdriver can drive screws in narrow recesses and other areas other screwdrivers can't. The bit holder has a strong permanent magnet and locking function so bits and screws can be held securely.

The Kraftform handle is perfectly adapted to the hand, so hand injuries including blisters and calluses are avoided. The shape allows a comfortable grip and good control with less strain.

Wera's handles are made of two different materials. The hard, smooth section material that makes up most of the handle allows rapid handling without the skin "sticking" to the handle, while the softer inlays provide enhanced grip and optimum transmission of rotational force.

Wera's Zyklop Mini bit ratchet provides speed and torque in the tightest spaces

The ultra-compact ratchet operates with only 6 degrees of movement so works in the most confined spaces. The ratchet direction is reversible with the lever on the back, and the thumbwheel allows the tool to be quickly turned.

1/4 inch hex shank bits can be installed directly into the mini ratchet, and with the 1/4 inch socket adapter, 1/4 inch sockets can be used with the tool as well to drive nuts and bolts. The 75 millimetre extension can be added for  greater access and control.

Sockets and hex/Torx L-keys are colour coded with Wera's "Take it easy" Tool Finder system

For rapid identification, tools are colour coded, making them easier to distinguish and recognize. The coloured thermoplastic sleeve on the L-keys also makes them more comfortable to operate - especially in cold environments.

Wera Tools 35-Piece Universal Tool Set “Window Builder”5134013001 scope of delivery

  • Joker S self-setting wrench 6004
  • Kraftform Kompact bitholding screwdriver 813
  • Kraftform Kompact bitholding screwdriver with extra slim, flexible shaft 393 S
  • 1/4 inch Zyklop Mini bit ratchet 8001 A
  • 1/4 inch socket adapter 870/1
  • 1/4 inch x 23mm Zyklop sockets 8790 HMA
    • 7mm
    • 8mm
    • 10mm
    • 13mm
  • 3x Phillips 50mm screwdriver bits
    • #1
    • #2
    • #3
  • 6x Torx 50mm screwdriver bits
    • T-8
    • T-10
    • T-15
    • T-20
    • T-25
    • T-30
  • 6x hex screwdriver bits
    • 2 x 50mm
    • 2.5 x 50mm
    • 3 x 50mm
    • 4 x 50mm
    • 5 x 50mm
    • 6 x 89mm
  • 5x hex multicolour L-keys 950 SPKL
    • 2 x 101mm
    • 2.5 x 112mm
    • 3 x 123mm with holding function
    • 4 x 137mm  with holding function
    • 5 x 154mm  with holding function
  • 6x Torx multicolour L-keys 967 SXL HF
    • T-8 x 90mm  with holding function
    • T-10 x 112mm  with holding function
    • T-15 x 123mm  with holding function
    • T-20 x 137mm  with holding function
    • T-25 x 154mm  with holding function
    • T-30 x 195mm  with holding function

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