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These infinitely-adjustable stops are useful accessories to a Festool MFT for repetitive cutting, assembly, positioning, mortising with the Domino Joiner and more.


At only 12.7 millimetres (just over 1/2 inch), the stops are sturdy but slim enough to not interfere with the workpiece for sanding or routing.

Sliding, locking stops

Break free from the 96 millimetre grid and position stops exactly where you need them for repetitive crosscuts and assembly, or to keep material from sliding when cutting joinery, sanding, routing, or other activities.

Quick to adjust, quick to set

Two SpeedKnobs lock each Dog Stop to the two DoubleGroove Small Dogs set into adjacent holes in a Festool MFT work surface. For rapid repositioning of stops, the dogs can simply be dropped into the holes.

Lift out, drop in

If a stop is in the way, simply lift out the entire assembly and drop it back in to continue with perfect accuracy and repeatability.

This means that multiple stops can be set and labelled for different applications, such as crosscutting rails and stiles. Install the "Rails" stop when cutting rails and switch to the "Stiles" stop for cutting stiles and every rail (and stile) from every batch will be the same length.

Scope of delivery

  • 2x TDS-10 Dog Stops
  • 4x SpeedKnobs
  • 4x DoubleGroove Small Dogs

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