Tormek Sharpening Machines

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Size: Tormek T8


TORMEK water cooled sharpening machines are the basis for an exceptional sharpening system.̴Ì_

Now an even Better Value

You can sharpen practically all common edge tools to a perfect edge.

The low rpm water cooled system ensure precise tool̴Ì_preparation with no possibility of overheating.̴Ì_

The Grindstone shapes and prepares all qualities of steel including HSS. ̴Ì_

Then use the Leather wheel with the supplied honing compound to polish the edge to a mirror finish.

̴Ì_The maintenance free industrial quality motor maintains a constant speed even under full load, and the high quality construction makes these lifetime tools.

̴Ì_Add from a large range of optional Tormek sharpening jigs to easily, quickly and perfectly prepare a razor sharp edge on any tool, including knives, scissors, and even drill bits.

̴Ì_Select the Tormek T7 for the Ultimate foundation of a sharpening system for home or commercial shop.

  • We also offer the Tormek T4 for a more affordable yet flexible and compact solution for slightly less demanding applications.̴Ì_

Note that all the Tormek jigs will work perfectly on the̴Ì_both the T7 AND T4 machines

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