Pica Dry Longlife Automatic 2.8mm Pencil 3030

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Pica Dry Longlife Automatic 2.8mm Pencil features a new Power Lock mechanism which holds the robust 2.8 millimetre diameter graphite leads even more securely. Ideal for professional use, this tool is meant to last with high quality construction and materials used throughout, including the quiver and built-in sharpener.

The durable pencil is made of stainless steel and a special plastic. The body is ergonomic and easy to grip, and the roll stop design ensures that it stays where you leave it. The push button used to advanced the graphite lead also seals the barrel to protect from water and dust intrusion.

Included with the Longlife Automatic Pencil is a quiver cap with an extra-strong clip designed for secure attachment so the pencil can be easily withdrawn and replaced with just one hand. The quiver features an integrated sharpener in the tip designed for extensive use and always conveniently at hand.

Equipped with versatile 2B graphite leads, the Pica Dry Longlife Automatic 2.8mm Pencil reliably marks on nearly all surfaces, including wet, glossy, rough and dusty materials. Special leads are available for bright or dark surfaces, and others are water soluble or water jet resistant!

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