Lamello Cabineo X White Connectors 18636*

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Introducing Lamello Cabineo X, the versatile connector designed for seamless cabinet and shelf installations. Compatible with all CNC machines and engineered for use without edge drilling, it can be easily pressed into place either in the workshop or directly on-site.

Seamless Compatibility and Secure Installation with Lamello Cabineo X

Cabineo X ensures a perfect fit every time and is secured against pulling out and lifting off, making it ideal for open shelf units. With the same housing for connectors and adjustable shelves, it offers unmatched convenience and versatility.

This connector is perfect for installing shelves into pre-assembled cabinets or creating sturdy corner joints. When combined with shelf supports, Cabineo X guarantees shelves remain securely in place, preventing any accidental pull-out.

Upgrade your cabinetry projects with Lamello Cabineo X.

Lamello Cabineo X White Connectors are available in 500 pack or 2,000 pack.

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