GRC-12 Self-Aligning Guide Rail Connectors

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GRC-12: A Better Way to Connect Guide Rails

Another TSO innovation, the GRC-12 is a first-of-its-kind, self-aligning guide rail connector for use with Festool, Makita and Triton brand guide rails. Before the GRC-12, aligning connected guide rails required a variety of methods and additional tools to achieve straight connections, with misalignment often difficult to detect without a long straight edge or similar tool. This issue becomes obvious too late - when gaps show up during assembly or glue-up.

The GRC-12 solves this problem with a completely self-contained and self-aligning design - thanks to an innovative integral keystone feature. Simply slide the GRC-12 into your guide rail T-slots and firmly tighten the set screws - that's it.

Because small hex wrenches can be annoying to deal with, they‰ۡó»ve solved that too: the included ball hex driver drops easily into the hex socket and is large enough not to get lost or easily overlooked.

Key Features of the GRC-12

  • Connects AND aligns in one operation, with no need for secondary tools like using a saw or level.
  • Easy, fast, accurate!
  • Only perfectly aligned rails can produce perfectly straight cuts.
  • Unique Patent Pending design helps keep rails aligned.
  • GRC-12 keeps rails aligned with it's Keystone-shaped Connector feature.
  • Connected and DONE! ̴Ì_

What's Included In the Box

  • GRC-12 Guide Rail Connector (2)
  • M6 Set Screw, Stainless (8)
  • M3 Ball Hex Driver (1)

Technical Details

Dimensions: 12 x .45 x .25 inches (305 x 11.5 x 6.4 mm)
Weight: 2 oz. (60 g)
Material: 6061-T6 aluminum, CNC machined finish
Compatible Guide Rails: FESTOOL FS Series, MAKITA and TRITON (not compatible with FESTOOL HK 55 Carpentry Saws including the FSK 250, FSK 420 and FSK 670; not compatible with BOSCH or DEWALT tracks)

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