Festool Planex Drywall Sander LHS 2 225 EQI-Plus 575994

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The highly-anticipated Planex LHS 2 225 builds on the success of the original Planex and Planex Easy sanders, adding key features including an LED light ring and random orbit sanding motion. Adjustable suction ensures airborne dust is kept to an absolute minimum, and helps unweight the sander, reducing fatigue on the body.

LED light ring

Illumination circling the sanding pad permits a better view of the area being worked and highlights unevenness that, if missed, would require later rework.

Powerful brushless motor

The 2.0 EC-TEC motor provides plenty of power directly to the sanding head for plenty of torque.

Random orbit sanding

For controlled sanding action and perfect surfaces without grooves, random orbit sanding delivers.

Large swivel head

The 8-7/8"" (225 mm) rotary sanding pad swivels to provide solid contact with the surface and ensure an even surface.

Modular design can be modified to match to the task

Use up to two extensions to make a 2.1 metre (82.7 inch) long sander allow you to effortlessly sand higher or difficult spaces without the hassle of scaffolding. Remove all extensions for a 1.2 metre (65 inch) long sander to work in tight quarters, such as under stairs or in bathrooms. Adding or removing an extension takes only seconds.

Captures dust at the source

Paired with the CT 36 AC or CT 48 AC Dust Extractor, the Planex dramatically reduces the amount of airborne dust, resulting in better results, less cleanup time, and satisfied customers. In addition, the variable suction reduces the amount of weight the user needs to support, making your work more efficient and less fatiguing.


With heavy-duty Saphir abrasives in 24 and 36-grit, and high-performance Granat and Granat Net abrasives up to 320 grit, the Planex can handle everything from coarse sanding and texture removal to fine sanding for a level 5 finish.


  • 400 watts
  • 5,000 to 8,500 rotations per minute
  • 4 millimetre (3/16 inch) sanding stroke
  • 220 millimetre (8.5 inch) sanding pad diameter
  • Accepts 225 millimetre (8.9 inch) abrasive discs
  • 1.2 to 1.65 metres (47.2 to 65 inch) length with one extension
  • D27/36 millimetre (1-1/16 inch / 1-7/16 inch) dust extraction connection
  • 4 kilograms (8.82 pounds) without extensions
  • 4.7 kilograms (10.36 pounds with one extension

Scope of delivery

  • LHS 2 225 EQI-Plus Planex Long Reach Sander
  • VL-LHS 2 225 extension
  • 4 metre (13 foot) Plug-it power cable
  • 220 millimetre (8.5 inch) sanding pad and interface pad
  • 5x P180 225mm/128 hole Granat StickFix abrasive discs
  • SC-LHS 2 225 hose clip
  • 5x KV-215 hook and loop wraps for cables and hoses
  • Systainer SYS3 XXL 337 with organizational insert
  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee
  • 3-Year Festool Service All-Inclusive Limited Warranty

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