Festool HEPA Main Filter Element for CT Mini/Midi HEPA-HF CT MINI/MIDI /1 496752

FestoolSKU: FES-496752

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The highest standard for filtration, HEPA filters capture 99.99% of all particulate matter down to .3 microns.

  • HEPA filters (High-Efficiency Particulate Air) have quickly become the new standard for wood dust collection, both in the workshop and on the jobsite.
  • Measured in microns, wood dust is particularly troublesome to remove from an environment once it is airborne.
  • The best way to minimize the effects of dust created during fabrication is to use tools that are designed with dust extraction in mind.
  • When partnered with a good dust extractor with proper filtration, you will be able to eliminate the majority of the dust created at the source before it is ever released into your environment.
  • Designed to trap particles down to .3 microns while maintaining airflow, allowing you to reach full capacity without clogging or caking.
  • There is no better filtration on the market today.

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