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Maintain a professional appearance with the SYS3 Systainer System. Organize, store, protect and transport your sander and abrasives all together in SYS3 Systainer modular tool boxes.

Abrasives Systainer

Custom insert for three shapes and sizes of abrasives

The custom moulded insert has five slots to organize different grits and pads for 125 millimetre (5 inch) round, 80x133 millimetre (3.2 x 5.2 inch) rectangle, and 100x150 millimetre (4 x 6 inch) delta abrasives.

Lightweight and strong

Made of tough, lightweight ABS, they are versatile and adaptable to hold items large and small. The strong Systainer design is rated to carry up to 88 pounds per stack, and supports 220 pounds on top.

For the workshop and jobsite

Bring a workshop level of organization in your vehicle and on-site with Systainers. Each container allows organization, protection, portability, and identification of contents.

System compatible

The SYS3 Systainer stacks and connects to all other previous Systainer generations, carts, dust extractors, and other system accessories for tidy storage and efficient transport, and easy access.

One-handed access

The T-Loc latch allows easy access to the contents with a single hand to unlatch and open the tool box.

Front handle for rack access

The front handle allows the Systainer to be easily pulled forward from inside a rack or cabinet and folds down for storage. Once pulled forward, the top handle allows ergonomic carry. Smaller Systainers can be carried by the front handle, allowing carry close to the body.

Integrated locking holes

Keep the contents of the Systainer secure by locking the lid closed with a pad lock or cable tie using the latching holes located at the front of the Systainer.

Granat Abrasives

Festool's most durable and versatile abrasive is becoming known as the "ultimate abrasive". Whether you're building furniture or cabinetry, sanding drywall, varnish, paint or metal, Granat is a great choice.

Advanced no-load coating

A special coating resists loading, clogging and smearing so less swarf and dust remain on the abrasive surface. This results in more efficient sanding, less heat build-up, and longer-lasting abrasives.

Hard and durable abrasive grit

Made of a blend of hardened aluminum oxide and ceramic, Granat is tough enough to abrade almost any material including wood, plastic, metal, scratch-resistant and high VOC coatings.

StickFix backing

Festool's special low-profile hook and loop system allows fast and easy replacement or swapping of abrasives without adding unnecessary softness.

Guaranteed quality

Festool abrasives are engineered and manufactured to strict FEPA standards that guarantee uniform abrasive positioning on the surface which translates to consistent sanding results so you can spend less time sanding.

Scope of delivery based option selected 

SYS3 M 112 Systainer & Inserts for 80x113/125/100x150 millimeter abrasives
  • SYS3 M 112 Systainer
  • 80x133/125/100x150 millimeter abrasives insert for 80x133mm (3.15x5.25in.), 125mm (5in.), & 100x150mm (3.9x5.9in.) abrasives
SYS3 M 112 Systainer & Insert plus an assortment of 125mm (5 inch) abrasive discs
  • 1x Systainer SYS3 M 112
  • 1x 80x133/125/100x150 millimeter abrasives insert
  • 10x D125 millimetre (5 inch) P60 Granat  StickFix abrasive discs
  • 25x D125 millimetre (5 inch) P80 Granat  StickFix abrasive discs
  • 25  x D125 millimetre (5 inch) P120 Granat StickFix abrasive discs
  • 20x D125 millimetre (5 inch) P180 Granat StickFix abrasive discs
  • 20x D125 millimetre (5 inch) P220 Granat StickFix abrasives discs
  • 1x D125 millimetre (5 inch) Foam StickFix interface pad
  • 1x Systainer SYS3 M 112 with organizational insert

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