Domino XL Connector Set in Systainer

FestoolSKU: 201353



Create strong̴Ì_knock-down joints without the need for templates or complex measuring.

  • Requires Domino XL Joiner DF 700 and 14 mm cutter.
  • Use caps to cover hardware where it may be visible.
  • Now available in Canada, this system of knock-down hardware is simple to install using the Festool Domino DF700 and allows connections to be made or disassembled quickly and easily with just an allen key.
  • Three different styles of connectors allow the hardware to be placed in different orientations for creating flat or corner joints.
  • Ideal for apron to leg joints in a table, or anywhere else a strong joint is required.

Connector Set is packed in a SYS2 Systainer and includes:

  • 32 Anchor Bolts SV-AB D14
  • 16 Connector Double Bolts SV-DB D14
  • 128 Half-Shells for the Anchor Bolts and Connector Double Bolts
  • 32 Expansion Anchors SV-SA D14
  • 64 transverse anchors SV-QA D14 including studs
  • 4 mm hex wrench for tightening screws
  • 64 Half-Shells SV-V D14 for widening
  • 32 cross anchors
  • 32 connector caps each in silver, dark brown and light brown (SV-AK D14 slr, SV-AK D14 brn1 and SVAK D14 brn2)
  • 32 Domino Tenons D14x75 beech

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