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The Tormek Blackstone Silicon grinding stone can sharpen high speed steel (HSS), exotic steel alloys, tungsten carbide.
A wood carver uses the Tormek SVS-38 Short Tool Jig to carefully grind a bevel on a small carving gouge.
Tormek SVM-00 Small Knife Holder jig holding a wood-handled knife with a short 2 inch blade.Tormek SVM-00 Small Knife Holder jig with SVM-45 Knife Jig sharpening a wood-handled knife with a short 2 inch blade.
Tormek SE 77 Square Edge Jig being used to sharpen the primary bevel of a 1 inch chisel on a Tormek wet grinding wheel.
A woodturner uses the Tormek SVS-50 Multi Jig to sharpen a bevel on an oval skew chisel using a wet grindstone.
An operator uses the Tormek SVP-80 to sharpen the face of a moulding knife for a shaper on the edge of a wet grinder wheel.
A twist drill bit is installed in the Tormek DBS 22 Drill Bit Sharpening Attachment for grinding.A perfect grind on the cutting edges of a twist drill bit held in the Tormek DBS-22 Drill Bit Sharpening Jig.