Quick Start with a DWC 18-4500 Screw Gun Race

Yesterday's Open House started off at a lively pace with the Festool DWC 18-4500 Screw Gun Race.

Screw Gun Race

The challenge was to drive (16) 1-3/8" drywall screws around a 2' square of drywall as fast as possible. Time penalties were handed out for missing the 2x4 frame.

The times recorded were impressive - and even more so considering that most had never before used an auto-feed screw gun.

The winning time of 13.2 seconds earned one attendee a Festool T15 Cordless Drill/Driver Set.

Why is the Festool DWC 18-4500 Screw Gun so fast?

  • The rotational speed of 4500 is faster than any drill so it takes only a fraction of a second to drive a 1-3/8" drywall screw.
  • Motor automatically starts when pressure is applied, and shuts off when screw is set.
  • With the auto-feed magazine attachment, you can use the collated drywall screws (which you buy on a plastic strip), eliminating the need to manually position a screw on the tip of the gun each time.

What did first-time users think of the tool?

  • Lightweight, and convenient thanks to the compact, cordless design using 18 volt batteries.
  • Ergonomic to use. Handle fits the hand well, good balance, and no need to pull the trigger.
  • Depth can be set easily and accurately, so every screw is set perfectly.

Our thanks to Festool and the Independent Contractors and Businesses Association of BC for helping make this event a success.

Here are a couple short clips of the action.

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