Mirka has recently expanded their abrasive line to include three exciting new products: Abranet Ace discs, Abranet Ace HD discs, and Abranet Max belts. All are made in Finland, where Mirka is based.

Abranet Ace - Long-Lasting Abrasive and Superior Dust Extraction

Abranet, which we have been selling for many years, is very popular for use in many different applications from wood, drywall, paint prep, and even plastics, metals and fibreglass. The abrasive lasts for an exceptionally long time, compared to other abrasives.

The new Abranet Ace looks very similar, but is made with a harder ceramic abrasive for an even longer service life as the grit won't break down as quickly.

Abranet Ace is available in 5" and 6" discs, from 80-grit up to 1000-grit.

Abranet Ace HD - Durable and Aggressive Discs for the Toughest Sanding Tasks

For the most demanding applications, choose Abranet Ace HD. These discs are available with 40, 60 and 80-grit ceramic abrasive on a heavier backer for heavy stock removal.

Abranet Max - Top Performance at a Surprising Price

The two biggest enemies of sanding belts are clogging and heat-buildup. Mirka's Abranet Max belts address both those issues.

Mesh belts naturally resists clogging and enables better air cooling. The taped seam allows the belt to be run in either direction, so you get even greater life from the belts.

Available in standard belt sizes, from 80-grit up to 180-grit.

Watch a demonstration of these sanding belts on a portable belt sander.

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