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What People are Saying About Clermont’s Ultimate Tool Supply Inc

The news that Dan was going to start selling Festool tools and, in particular, that he is going to sell them via the web has been welcome to me.

When I first started upgrading my tools to Festool about five years ago, we could do so via the internet and the Festool USA web site but all that stopped about three years ago when Hafele picked up the Canadian market as a sideline.

I have known Dan Clermont on several woodworking forums for several years where, as an experienced and articulate woodworker, he has been a major contributor.

Already, I have I have placed two orders with him and have returned one item and he has been very responsive. As proof that Dan knows the Festool product line well, one of those items was an obscure part not listed in the Festool catalogue. Dan knew the part number and could offer advice as to it’s use.

Frank Pellow

I’m glad we found Dan Clermont of Ultimate Tools! From the first time we met, he offered outstanding customer service and the best tools available. We will be back for more!
Eco Furniture

I’ve dealt with Dan Clermont of Ultimate Tools on more than a few ocassions and have
found his service and attention to detail outstanding. Once you place
your order with Dan there is no need to think about it again until it hits
your door. You can feel confident Dan will get it to you asap without
any of those unnecessary delays you can run into when dealing with large
organizations. When it comes to Festool products in Canada Ultimate
tools is my first port of call.

Wayne (Nobleton, Ontario)

Dan Clermont from Ultimate Tools is a craftsman, a walking library of
information and above all else, a standup guy. He goes out of his way to
assist in any way possible. I would never take me time to recommend anyone
to people, however Dan is one of those exceptions.

The experiences I have had with Ultimate Tools stands out as every time I
see Dan, I am in for a treat and not just because I am picking up more
Festool’s for my collection. He is a wealth of knowledge and insight – From
where to find the best Maple Wood suppliers to the introduction of Felder
Machines. The list goes on. He always come through for me. I was actually
really surprised that he stocks almost everything unlike most Festool
dealers in the USA I visited or ordered from.

Above all else, if you are unfamiliar with Festool, your life is really
incomplete. Festool is a real investment along with the quality service and
support you get from Dan.

Craig Fourie

It’s awesome that I’ve found a Festool dealer in Canada that I can rely on. I’ve found Dan to be very helpful when I deal with him,
he’s typical of old school service, his knowledge of the products he sells is second to none. Dan’s a woodworker that fell in love
with Festool’s and it shows, he knows his stuff and will take the time to answer any questions a guy may have. His post sale
service is superb, he ships your order asap and returns your calls in very short order and doesn’t forget any special orders.
His stock of consumable products is amazing, he obviously knows how important the small details can be as he uses the product

I run a production based business, my tradesman use quality tools to get their jobs done so I’m very aware of the importance of
good service. In Dan at Ultimate Tools we’ve found a guy we can rely on do whatever it takes to keep us happy, it doesn’t get
any better than that.

Cyril @ Cybarr Holdings Ltd.

Easy to deal with, fast and courteous service, everything a great tool dealer should be.

Speaking as a health care professional and a serious hobbyist
woodworker, the dust-extraction benefits of Festool tools cannot be
overstated. Congratulations and thank you CUTS for bringing these
great tools to western Canada.

Dr. David Sweet OC

I had no idea what Festool was all about until I attended a “shop day” at Ultimate Tools. I get it now!

Rob Stokes

Dan is an extremely helpful, honest and responsive supplier. He really knows these tools and will steer you right. An absolute pleasure to do business with.

Bob F (New Festool convert)

I’d spent some time pondering whether I could really justify a Domino.

Given the difficulties finding out about Festool availability
I was having in eastern Ontario from the industrial Festool distributor,
I was pleased to find out about Dan and his UltimateTools website
and his clear interest in supporting Festool for the serious hobby
woodworker and the non-industrial professional.

After yet another weekend afternoon of doing mortising
the old way, and doing the math on the number of mortises
on a few of the upcoming woodworking
projects on SWMBO’s list, I finally decided that I couldn’t wait.

I called Dan, who answered all my questions, sorted out a
package to meet my needs, and had it all on Purolator the same day.
There was a minor shipping problem when I received
everything a couple of days later but Dan took care of that right away.

Thus I was hiding in the basement Dominoing away, and as a starter did two ladder
frames for a chest of drawers carcase. 48 mortises, 10 boards,
12 joints, 24 Dominos…. less than 45 minutes, and at least 10 of those
minutes were spent “making sure” rather than just “going for it”.

What a revelation.

To any home woodworker who thinks the Domino is too expensive,
or that the Dominos themselves are too expensive, think about what you
would like to be doing in your workshop: making mortise holes,
or designing beautiful furniture.

The Domino isn’t for everything, but it makes a huge difference given
the limited amount of time I’m able to squeeze into my workshop every week.

I know I’ve made the right decision!