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Woodpeckers StealthStop Mitre Gauge is a fully-featured mitre gauge with innovative features at an attractive price, making it a sensible upgrade for your tablesaw.

Precision mitre gauge body with positive stops at common angles

With an easy-to-read, laser-engraved protractor, the Stealth Stop Mitre Gauge is easy to adjust and set at any angle from +60 to -60 degrees. Positive stops allow accurate and repeatable positioning at 0 degrees as well as 15, 22.5, 36, 45 and 60 degrees in either direction. Recalibration of the positive detent lock is simple, should it ever be required.

Featuring Woodpeckers innovative StealthStops

Woodpeckers StealthStops are named for their ability to flip completely out of the way, not protruding from the front, top, back or bottom of the fence when not needed. However, when needed, they easily pivot out from the fence. This hinge design means that there is no gap between the stop and the fence, so angled mitres have absolutely no tendency to slip in between, ensuring complete repeatability.

The position of the StealthStop is locked in with a hex set screw, and a knurled brass knob allows micro-adjustment of the stop for the perfect setting.

Mitre slot bar with leaf springs ensures a perfect fit in nearly any slot

Woodpeckers patented leaf springs expand and contract, so they provide the perfect fit in any standard mitre gauge slot whether oversized, undersized, uneven or worn. Unlike other adjustable mitre gauges, the leaf springs never need to be adjusted for wear and will never "clunk" as you try to slide it into the slot. They are also made to withstand decades of heavy use. The mitre bar with Woodpeckers leaf springs easily works in mitre slots from 0.742 to 0.765 inches wide.

If you have a T-style mitre slot, the StealthStop mitre gauge includes not just one, but two track retainers for optimal support when making wide crosscuts. They can be easily removed if you don't have a T slot in your table saw.

StealthStop Mitre Gauge features an extendable fence

The 20.5 inch long aluminum fence can be extended up to 29 inches. The StealthStop can be positioned anywhere along the length of the fence for repeat cuts.

For use in the right mitre slot of your table saw, or bandsaw, the entire setup is reversible in less than a minute.

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