Woodpeckers Stainless Steel Step Gauge Set STEPGSET-23

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Woodpeckers Stainless Steel Step Gauge Set provides a physical reference surface to precisely set depths of router bits, saw blades, and drill bits in the drill press. A physical surface allows positive registration and alignment which is much more accurate than using an line on a scale.

To facilitate machine setup, each gauge stands on its own, allowing you to use both hands for precise adjustments without having to worry about holding the gauge in place.

Step Gauge Set includes two styles

The Step Gauge RTS is designed for setting router bit and table saw blade heights and sits overtop of the cutter. It is supported by two legs, and is best used by placing the desired reference surface over the cutter and raising the bit or blade until the gauge is lifted off the table. Then gradually lower the cutter until the gauge just makes contact with the table.

The Step Gauge DP uses just one leg, and drill bit depth is set by simply lowering the bit onto the desired step.

Step Gauges include 1/16 inch and 1/32 inch gauges

Each style includes two separate gauge plates - one has 1/16 inch steps, and the other has 1/32 inch steps.

Woodpeckers Step Gauges are made for durability and ease of reading

Each Step Gauge is laser cut from 3/32 inch thick stainless steel so you never have to worry about corrosion. Their proprietary multi-step finishing process creates a smooth, satin finish and non-glare surface that makes the laser engraved graduations easily readable in any light. Also, both sides are engraved so the tool can be read in any position. As with all their tools, the Stainless Step Gauges are made in their own facility in Ohio, USA.

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