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Create picture frames with crisp mitres, serving trays with tricky compound miters, tapered columns that look like one piece, ornate segmented bowl blanks, and more... with ease.


Quickly and easily set up machinery with accuracy 10 times greater than with similar tools.

Precision-machined 1/16" stainless spring steel for 4, 5, 6, 8, and 12-sided polygons.

Magnetic knob also allows PolyGauge to stand on its own.

Includes case with custom-cut foam insert.


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- Order Deadline: January 30 2017-

Now available for pre-orders - Woodpeckers PolyGauge SS

Rely on the precision-machined stainless steel PolyGauge to set up your table saw, mitre saw, jointer and other equipment to the exact angles required to produce 5 different polygons.

Eliminate tedious trial and error setups. Woodpeckers PolyGauge is machined to an accuracy at least 10 times greater than similar tools (accurate to 0.008 degrees or 0.48 arc minutes).

Large knob with two rare earth magnets allows easy handling, and can be fit over a PolyGauge leg for freestanding use without tools.

9/32" aluminum foot under the PolyGauge raises to tool off the surface for greater accuracy.

An Uncomplicated Precision Tool to Make Mitres Easy

Set up mitres for:

  • Tetragon (4 sides) - 45 degrees
  • Pentagon (5 sides) - 54 degrees
  • Hexagon (6 sides) - 60 degrees
  • Octagon (8 sides) - 67.5 degrees
  • Dodecagon (12 sides) - 75 degrees

Includes a plastic case with a custom foam liner for safe and organized storage.

WoodpeckersOne Time Tools are made to order.

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