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Order deadline is Friday May 19, 2023 at noon. You must pre-order to get these items. Delivery is scheduled for July 2023.

Woodpeckers SkillSquare combines the versatility of the traditional carpenter's square with Woodpeckers' premium build quality, scribing notches, and other innovative features.

SkillSquares are made with Woodpeckers' usual build quality

The most important part of the tool - the blade - is laser-cut, then edges are machined to a tolerance of 0.0085 degrees. The 1/16 inch thick stainless steel plate is about a third as thick as a conventional carpenter's square, bringing the markings closer to the surface for better accuracy with less parallax. Speaking of markings, they are laser engraved in 1/16ths or millimetres, and each engraving is crisp and dark for easy reading and will never wear off with use.

Woodpeckers' famous scribing notches plus an extra set

The SkillSquares feature triangular notches every 1/8 inch that work with anything from an awl to a felt-tipped marker. A second set of scribing guides made specifically for use with a carpenter's pencil are positioned at every 1/4 inch for framing.

Make angular layout with more precision with SkillSquare

The pivot point of the SkillSquare is sharp and well-defined so rafter and angle layout is more precise, and more repeatable.

Addition of an extra scale to SkillSquare addresses the biggest weakness of a carpenter's speed square

The built-in fence is the greatest advantage of a speed square, but it also poses the greatest restriction: it's very difficult to measure away from an edge. The XT version of the SkillSquare addresses that with an oversized stainless steel blade that actually passes through the body of the tool and provides an additional measuring option, with an engraved sale on both sides.

Anodized aluminum and tough phenolic, metric and imperial versions of SkillSquare available

SkillSquares are available individually, or as a set with both the SkillSquare and SkillSquare XT versions. Choose from a Woodpeckers red anodized aluminum body, or bulletproof phenolic body to stand up to hard life on a jobsite, and metric or imperial graduations. Each SkillSquare includes a wall-mountable Rack-It.

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