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Large Precision Squares for Tight ToleranceåÊWoodworking.

Precision manufactured, square accurate to .001" per foot.

Available in 18 andåÊ26 inch,åÊoråÊ450 and 660mm sizes. Sets Available.

Precision machined 1/4" Aluminum blades,åÊLaser marked scales

Each square or set is available withåÊa wall mountable MDF case for storage and protection.

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åÊ- Order Deadline has passedåÊ-

We can againåÊoffer Woodpeckers LargeåÊFraming Squares which are ideal foråÊhigh tolerance shop work. They are only available for order for a limited time so act now.

With theåÊ26‰۝ x 16‰۝ Precision Framing Square, 18‰۝ x 12‰۝ square oråÊ450mm and 660mmåÊmetric equivalents you can confidently set up track saws or straight edge devices for sawing or routing operations. These are an ideal choiceåÊfor squaring your MFT table or workbench.

You know you‰۪ll make a square cut every time. These tools are also perfect for panel layout work. Unlike most framing squares, the blade of the 26 x 16 model lets you accurately mark all the way to the center of 4‰۪ x 8‰۪ sheet goods.

Unmatched Precision and Finest Quality Materials.

Woodpeckers' Precision Framing Squares offer guaranteed accuracy to ensure they‰۪re square within .001‰۝ for each foot of blade length.

All Woodpeckers' squares start the manufacturing process as a solid piece of, cast, aluminum tool plate. This stable material is then carefully milled on our state-of-art CNC machinery followed up by meticulous inspection on cutting edge vision and touch-probe CMM systems. The result is a single-piece blade and handle that‰۪s made square to stay square.

Two pieces of precision-machined aluminum form the cheeks of the handle. These cheeks are affixed with stainless steel dowel pins that ensure bulletproof rigidity and perfect alignment when pressed into their precision-machined holes. This kind of strength and accuracy simply cannot be matched by conventional framing squares.

Features Galore.

The blades are å_‰۝ thick and the handle is a full å_‰۝. The inside edge of the handle features a shoulder so it will lay flat on the work while still registering against the panel edge. The thick handle makes it easy to stand the blade upright to check square on cabinet inside corners hands free.

Easy to read measurement scales are laser engraved in 1/16th increments (1 mm on metric models) on both sides of the blade.

These were offered a few years ago, and were so popular that Woodpeckers' doing another production run. (PSQ2016)

Woodpeckers' One TimeåÊTools are madeåÊto order.


No extra inventory will be built.

- Estimated to ship March 2017åÊ-

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The shipping date is an estimate and could change depending on the size and timing of production runs.

åÊPSQ18-16 18" Square 254.85
PSQ18WC-16 18" Square with Case 274.85
PSQ26-16 26" Square 298.85
PSQ26WC-16 26" Square with Case 345.85
PSQISETWC-16 18" + 26" Squares with Case 538.85
PSQ450-16 450mm Square 254.85
PSQ450WC-16 450mm Square with Case 274.85
PSQ660-16 660mm Square 298.85
PSQ660WC-16 660mm Square with Case 345.85
PSQMSETWC-16 450 + 660mm Squares with Case 538.85



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