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Order deadline is Monday May 15th, 2023 at 12pm. You must pre-order to get these items. Delivery is scheduled for July 2023.

These compasses are compact, sturdy, and safe to carry in a pocket without any sharp points exposed. Further, the sturdy design is easy to set to any dimension with the integrated scale and once set, won't be accidentally knocked out of position.

Woodpeckers Pocket Compass and Pocket Compass XL

The original Woodpeckers Pocket Compass is about the size of a disposable lighter and can draw circles from 1 to 7 inches in diameter. Though extremely well-received, customers asked for one with a larger range, so the Pocket Compass XL was created, with range from 2 inches up to 21.

Stable, low-profile design

Instead of the traditional A-frame design, the Woodpeckers Pocket Compasses rest right on the workpiece so you can focus on scribing an accurate line rather than balancing and controlling the compass.

Laser-engraved scales make it convenient to set the Pocket Compass

After anodizing the aluminum body for protection, both metric and imperial graduations are laser engraved right onto the tool with an accuracy of +/-0.004 inches total accumulated error over the entire length of the scale. This means that you can accurately set the compass to any dimension without the need for other measuring tools which makes it faster and easier.

To scribe a circle or arc, set the Pocket Compass to the desired dimension and lock it in place with the knurled knob. Then drop the pivot in the pivot hole and a pencil in the nearest hole and make your mark. Additional holes are located along the compass for even larger, or offset arcs.

Safe pivot point storage in the Woodpeckers Pocket Compasses

When not in use, the included pivot pivot securely threads into the end of the tool to protect the point from damage, and user from injury.

Purchase Pocket Compasses individually, or as a set

The Pocket Compass and Pocket Compass XL are available individually with a pivot point. They can also be ordered as a set, which includes both sizes, two pivot points, and a foam-lined Woodpeckers case.

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