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Woodpeckers Multi-Function Router Base provides your router with micro-adjustability, precision guidance and control for a many common applications, allowing you to confidently tackle any routing task and unleashing your creativity.

Woodpeckers Multi-Function Router Base uses a simple and effective design

The base itself is made of solid phenolic which is flat, slick, and tough - capable of standing up to extensive use. The large rectangular shape of the base provides a massive flat surface and tons of support so you can balance any router with ease over the edge of a workpiece.

But it's the hardware mounted on top that really sets the base apart from everything else on the market. The router is attached to an aluminum bar via a pair of stainless steel bars that slide through the holes in your router's base (check the size of your router with a drill bit shank before ordering; extras are available to mount multiple routers to the base). Once the mounting bars are attached, you'll want to centre the router on the base, which is simple.

That bar is attached the the micro-adjust mechanism which allows you to precisely adjust the positioning of the router so you can precisely position the bit for the cut. The perfectly centred micro-adjust mechanism is centred on the router assembly for smooth, balanced adjustment, and has a generous 1-5/8 inches of travel.

Make parallel cuts near or far from the edge with Woodpeckers Multi-Function Router Base

The fence can be attached directly to the router base in one of ten positions, then the router can be quickly slide into approximate position and the micro-adjust mechanism used for precise placement. For offsets greater than 8 inches, use the extension rods and set the edge guide up to 21 inches from the bit. Additional 12 inch extension rods are available separately, and can be combined to make whatever distance you need.

Use the Multi-Function Router Base to make straight cuts not parallel to an edge

For cuts not parallel to an edge, simply clamp a straight edge parallel to your cutline, then run the base against the straight edge. The gross and micro-adjustments of the router on the base mean that precise placement of the straight edge is not necessary!

Cut small or large circles and arcs with the Multi-Function Router Base

Place a trammel pin directly into the base in one of four locations to cut circles as small as 3/4 inch diameter, or move the trammel pin to the extension base for radii up to 22 inches... or more with extensions

Use the Multi-Function Router Base to rout centred or offset mortises

Install the two large pins in the base to reliably centre the base on the edge of your workpiece. You can then position the router right on the centreline, or off to one side for wider or offset mortises.

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